Board Member Spotlight: Adele Tyler


Adele Tyler

I began college in the late 1960’s planning to major in psychology, but the behaviorist-oriented department at my university, with its emphasis on lab experiments on rats, left me mystified.  I wanted to study people and had a rat phobia, so I soon transferred to the sociology and English departments, where I studied human group behavior along with the archetypal characters found in novels.  My interest in psychology never disappeared, though, and in 1991 a synchronistic encounter led me to Centerpoint, a program for the study of Jungian psychology.  After one meeting I was hooked and began two years of weekly sessions on Jung’s theories, thus finding my vocation of the past twenty-five years.

Since Jung is not taught in most colleges, one has to seek out opportunities to learn his theories, which I have done through retreats and workshops, including Journey Into Wholeness, a two-week class in Zurich, classes for Myers-Briggs certification, and archetype training with Carol Pearson.  These experiences, augmented by reading, have improved my life and expanded my perspective in ways I had not fully imagined but only longed for as a college freshman.

As much as I appreciated the opportunities to study Jung in other places, I wished for a group here in Nashville, where interested persons might come together for education and community.  I am happy to be involved in creating this new group, the Nashville Jung Circle, and hope it will offer others the meaningful experiences with Jung that I have benefitted from.

Adele Tyler, M.S.S., has a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Mississippi and life coach certification through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. She has taught college sociology, done social work, and worked as a personal growth life coach and Myers-Briggs consultant with individuals, couples, and groups, in addition to working with her husband in the music business for over thirty years.  A board member of Journey Into Wholeness from 2005-2008, she has published articles on psychological types, introversion, and extraversion in the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion.  She is currently serving as co-president of the Nashville Jung Circle.