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Spring Event with Dr. Chelsea Wakefield

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Chelsea Wakefield to Nashville and hope you can join us for one or both events, which promise to be engaging as well as informative. Tickets may be purchased for the individual events or at a discounted price as a package – see below for more details. 

April 5th and 6th:  Spring Event with Dr. Chelsea Wakefield ( )

Friday lecture, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm:
Soulful Relationships - Walking the Path of Individuation in Connection

In this talk, Dr. Wakefield will discuss the challenges of creating and sustaining a conscious relationship. We are finally in a time where we can actually love who we choose to love and create the relationships of our dreams. You would think that we would be celebrating our arrival in the Promised Land, but we still struggle greatly in our intimate relationships. This talk will outline a pathway beyond the misbegotten strategies we employ when we find ourselves "disenchanted" with the beloved who once seemed so enchanting. We know the complaints and conscious over-story - but what about the understory? We will discuss how interlocking complexes operate in the unconscious field of the couple, how these undermine the love, and what steps we can take to find our way out of these murky waters.

Saturday workshop, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm:
"Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty"

Saturday's workshop, based on Dr. Wakefield’s book Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty, will invite participants to:

  • Experience how archetypes are more than categories or roles.

  • Understand how our personal archetypal profile is formed and how it drives us in life.

  • Define your personal archetypal profile as an "inner cast of characters."

  • Identify archetypal energies in dreams; learn why they come and what they are seeking.