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"Ensoulment: Exploring the Feminine Principle in Western Culture", film and discussion

Location: Green HIlls Library, 3701 Benham Ave, Nashville, TN

Based on the theories of Carl Jung, Ensoulment is a film (and a book by the same title) by Lori Simon that brings a unique perspective on the feminine principle as part of the psyche. Simon views the feminine as a group of genderless characteristics related to emotions, intuition, creativity, receptiveness, nurturance, etc... expressions that western culture has tended to push aside in order to give space to reason, logical thinking, and structure.

The film focuses on interviews featuring prominent Jungians, including Dr. James Hollis and Dr. Jerry Ruhl, as well as other scholars and cultural experts. Using these interviews, along with animation, Simon creates a story of recovering the feminine without losing the masculine, emphasizing that we all contain both principles and need both to be whole, happy and fulfilled.

We will watch the hour long film, followed by time for discussion and fellowship.