Nashville Jung Circle - Autumn 2019 Newsletter Part 1

Coinciding with "back to school" in August, the Nashville Jung Circle got back to work in August offering a new season of monthly events. Please read about these below and plan to join us for free Sunday afternoon presentations and also our Friday, November 8th/Saturday, November 9th events with  Dr. Jerry Ruhl. There is much to share, so be looking for "Part 2" of the newsletter in early October!

As always, NJC events are open to the public and require no previous knowledge of psychology to benefit from learning more about Carl Jung and his related works. There are always refreshments and time for fellowship, too!


1) Sunday, October13th: Ensoulment film and discussion

2 )November 8th and 9th - Dr. Jerry Ruhl lecture and workshop

3) Community Dreamwork Initiative

4) "Symbols and Archetypes": Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery

5) Jung Circle News

"Ensoulment: Exploring the Feminine Principle in Western Culture", film and discussion
Sunday, October 13th, 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Location: Green HIlls Library, 3701 Benham Ave, Nashville, TN

Based on the theories of Carl Jung, Ensoulment is a film (and a book by the same title) by Lori Simon that brings a unique perspective on the feminine principle as part of the psyche. Simon views the feminine as a group of genderless characteristics related to emotions, intuition, creativity, receptiveness, nurturance, etc... expressions that western culture has tended to push aside in order to give space to reason, logical thinking, and structure.

The film focuses on interviews featuring prominent Jungians, including Dr. James Hollis and Dr. Jerry Ruhl, as well as other scholars and cultural experts. Using these interviews, along with animation, Simon creates a story of recovering the feminine without losing the masculine, emphasizing that we all contain both principles and need both to be whole, happy and fulfilled.

We will watch the hour long film, followed by time for discussion and fellowship.

Dr. Jerry Ruhl to Visit Nashville, November 8th & 9th

Location: Both events to be held at Blakemore United Methodist Church, 3601 West End Avenue Nashville, TN 

We are pleased to host Dr. Jerry Ruhl, nationally-known Jungian psychologist, writer, and speaker, for two events. 
As with all events offered by the Nashville Jung Circle, no experience with or knowledge of Jungian psychology is necessary to attend and benefit from the presentations.

Jerry M. Ruhl is a psychologist, teacher, and author. In the first half of life, Jerry was a journalist, and he managed communications for two major corporations. At mid-life he realized he had climbed up the corporate ladder but it was leaning against the wrong wall. He began studying the works of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung and observed first-hand spiritual practices in Japan, Bali, Thailand, Nepal, and India.

During his time at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where he earned his Ph.D., Dr. Ruhl developed a holistic model for coping with life-changing accidents and illness. While living in Colorado, he formerly was a trustee of the C.G. Jung Society of Colorado, and more recently he served for more than six years as Executive Director of The Jung Center of Houston.  He is the co-author of three books and a six-CD set of talks with noted Jungian Robert Johnson. A psychologist in private practice in Boulder, Colorado, Dr. Ruhl conducts dream groups and presents seminars and workshops across the nation. To learn more about Dr. Ruhl, visit his website:

Advance registration recommended due to limited seating. To register for this event, go here.

"The Wisdom of Uncertainty"
Friday night, November 8th, 7 - 9 pm
6:15 pm sign in /reception 

Regardless of political affiliation, most of us would agree that we are living in chaotic, uncertain times which present daily challenges to our peace of mind and welfare.  Join us to hear how we might frame our dilemmas, personal as well as societal ones, as opportunities for growth and new ways of being, finding meaning and wisdom to balance feelings of anger, fear, and confusion. 

Below Dr. Ruhl describes the subject of his Friday night lecture and discussion: 

"Spiritual teachings are sometimes interpreted as advising us to let go of material things – but to advance consciousness we need to be weaned, not from material things, but from our allegiance to duality. The essence of ego-centered consciousness is to have preferences. Confusion and uncertainty are often seen as a mistake, even a madness. In truth, our potential for growth reveals itself in moments of disruption. The wisdom of confusion and uncertainty must be honored to clear a space in our lives for something new to claim us. There are times, too many to count, in which we fall back into chaotic and uncertain states: of anger, fear, confusion, ignorance, meaninglessness. It is precisely in moments of chaotic breakdown, whether individual or collective in nature, that new potentials begin to emerge.When we rush too quickly, in a panic, to make order of the chaos, we also kill the Eros, the seed of the new spirit. We will explore Jung’s admonition that the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insolvable. They must be so, for they express the necessary polarity inherent in every self-regulating system. They can never be solved, but only outgrown."

"Slender Threads and Synchronicity: Finding Meaning and Wonder in Daily Life"
Saturday morning, November 9th
Workshop: 9 am - 1 pm
8:30 am sign in/light breakfast

It is an audacious notion in this age of science and willful determination that one’s existence is somehow inspired, guided, and even managed by unseen forces outside our control and conscious intention. Whether called fate, destiny, or the hand of God, slender threads are at work bringing coherence and continuity to our lives.

In this workshop Dr. Ruhl will guide us in considering the role of synchronicity as well as rational planning in shaping contemporary life. What are the slender threads that steer us in unforeseen directions? How do we recognize them? The opportunities that come our way, the unexpected appearance of a person or a communication, the painful losses that create profound suffering — over time, all these weave a remarkable tapestry that is meaningful.

Friday night $15 members, $20 non-members, $10 students
Saturday workshop $35 members, $40 non-members, $25 students
Package price for both events: $45 members/$55 non-members/$30 students

Advance registration recommended due to limited seating. To register for this event, go here.

Report on the Community Dreamwork Initiative
Free class – no need to sign up!
Friday, Oct. 4th, 4:00-5:30 Green Hills library

Board member Laura Huff Hileman thanks the Nashville Public Library, ongoing partner with the Jung Circle for community dream education.  Last year the library hosted twelve “Into to Dreamwork” classes, a book study, a community dream group, and three “Out of the Lunchbox” lectures.  

Interested in learning about your dreams?  There is another Intro to Dreamwork class this fall, as well as openings for dream groups.
Want to know more or join a dream group?  Contact Laura: or visit her website at

AND – let us know what you’d like to see happen next with the Community Dreamwork Initiative.   Dream-themed movie nights?  More dream groups?   Book club? Art, poetry & dream theatre events?  A Jungian-based reading room?  (Drumming circle? Laura really wants a drumming circle.)

Freebies!: Robert Hoss has made his 2nd edition of Dream Language available as a free download!  So much here:  the science and psychology of dreaming; how to work with images and colors; practical ways to integrate dream wisdom into your waking life.  Lots more too at

-Laura Hileman

Symbols and Archetypes: Two Millennia of Recurring Visions in Art
September 26–December 14, 2019
Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery, Cohen Memorial Hall

The "Symbols & Archetypes: Two Millennia of Recurring Visions in Art" exhibition takes as its point of departure Carl Jung’s 1912 publication Symbols of Transformation, which frames the unconscious as a collective psyche, and the instinctive force driving archetypal visions to appear time and again throughout human history—in dreams, religions, folklore and art from across the world.

This art show explores ways in which people have sought to represent psychic phenomena through symbolic images. Works on view span more than two thousand years, from Etrurian terracotta from 6 BCE and early Chinese currency from the Zhou Dynasty (1046–256 BCE), to contemporary paintings by Rubens Ghenov (b. 1975, Brazil), Sharona Eliassaf (b. 1980, Israel), and Nashville-based David Onri Anderson.

The Nashville Jung Circle plans to have a group field trip to view and discuss the exhibition sometime this fall.

Gallery Hours
11 a.m.–4 p.m. Monday–Friday
1–5 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

Location and Parking
Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery
Cohen Memorial Hall
1220 21st Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

615-322-0605 Gallery
615-343-1702 Office

Limited metered and accessible parking is available in front of the building by the 21st Avenue entrance. Additional metered parking is available on 18th Avenue South, on the eastern edge of Peabody Campus.

Jung Circle News

In July members of the Nashville Jung Circle gathered at the clubhouse at Arden Place to enjoy fellowship and celebrate Carl Jung's birthday! As always at these semi-annual events, there was delicious food and drink (thank you, Kitty Galbraith and hospitality committee) along with much visiting.

The change in board officers was shared with the group. Retiring co-presidents Adele Tyler and Gretchen Watts and retiring treasurer Linda Odom were thanked with gifts, and incoming officers Karen Harper, president, and Michael Whitney, treasurer, were recognized, along with Gayle Prillaman, who continues as secretary.

Retiring presidents Adele Tyler and Gretchen Watts; Host and Hospitality Chair Kitty Galbraith; and retiring secretary Linda Odom.
Incoming treasurer Michael Whitney; Adele Tyler, Kitty Galbraith, incoming president Karen Harper, and secretary Gayle Prillaman.
The festivities included singing happy birthday and cutting a cake for Carl Jung, whose 144th birthday was July 26th!